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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day

The People’s Champion and I got up disgracefully late today. Well, technically, TPC got up and went to the gym while I slept in, but that’s such appalling behaviour from him that I thought it best not to mention it. We slept in very late, and while we called our mother immediately upon arising we had to make do with voicemail (our mum is something of a jet-setter and was on a plane).

To make up for our dreadful lateness, I thought I would post something here to let her know what we were thinking of her.

Hey, Ma! Happy Mother’s Day! We are thinking of you!

Here is a little something for you to mark the occasion (we had this taken just for you):

Those are some crazy rocks in the background - I have no idea how they got there. My version of the tale of our trip to see said crazy rocks (among other things) is forthcoming, but for those that are unable to wait, The People’s Champion has written an excellent account of it here.

I hope you had a lovely day, Mum. We miss you. Thank you for being a most excellent mother and for being so brave in trying to pretend you’re totally cool with us being so far away. You’re awesome.

Oh, and I have recently learned that it is entirely possible that my grandmother reads this site as well: HI GRANDMA! Happy Mother’s Day to you too. I’m sorry for any bad words you may have encountered while on this page. Talk to you soon!




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