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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Overheard in London


Standing at a bus stop on Oxford Street one evening, waiting for the elusive number 55 (sighted rarely, but always worth the effort – it goes directly to the front door of the Pickle). A young fashionista Top Shop employee was chatting idly with a fellow Top Shop employee, on their way home from work:

Top Shop Girl #1: “I love the internet. I can break up with people just by changing my MySpace profile to ‘single’.

Top Shop Girl #2: “Totally”.


Walking from our building to Hoxton Square one Saturday afternoon, I noted a roped-off area to the side of the park where a film crew was busy doing film crew-y things around an appallingly large and shiny stretch-4WD-type vehicle. The people sitting sunning themselves in the square were doing their best to be nonchalant, sneaking glimpses out of the corner of their eye but doing their best to make it look like they hadn’t even noticed there was anything going on.

As I walked towards the gate of the square, I saw a parking ticket inspector stop beside a car. There was a burly paparazzo leaning out behind the front door, trying to snap some pictures of the action.

Parking Ticket Inspector Guy: “Wot’s going on ‘ere then?”

Burly Paparazzo: “Listen, mate, do I bother you when you’re working?”

PTIG: “You’re going to have to move along. You can’t stop here.”

BP: “Bugger off. I’m just taking a few photos. I’M VERY IMPORTANT.”



Sitting around at Dr Evil’s lair one Sunday afternoon, recovering from a very, VERY large party the evening before. A guy named Mike, friend of our new friend Senor, arrived to join us. He was looking very much the worse for wear: droopy-eyed, ashy-skinned, and with a large and sturdy-looking bandage on his right wrist.

Senor: Mike! Great to see you, mate. You don’t look so good.

Mike: I don’t feel so good.

Senor: What happened to your arm?

Mike: I took some Viagra on Friday.




Blogger Mark said...

Lovely. I like the myspace comment.

You can add your blog to your facebook entry you know, then i can see when you've updated.

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