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Friday, November 03, 2006

Bon voyage

I note that England's Test squad is boarding a plane this evening bound for the Land of Oz.

Talented cricketers they may be, somehow I doubt that any individual member of the England squad is worthy of an attempt on Boonie's record for the flight over.

At any rate: it begins.

I am VERY excited.

Rip van Winkle and I have already held extensive discussions regarding the planning for our First Test party on 23 November 2006. Invitations have been extended only to a carefully chosen few. There will be beer, and singing, and RvW has indicated that he wants to get hold of a sun lamp of some sort so that I can obtain my customary First Day, First Test Sunburn (FDFTS). Apparently it just won't be the same having a beer with me in the lunch break unless I am already glowing pink.

Bon voyage, chaps. In the unlikely event that you manage to defy my expectations and there is actually some cause for celebration upon your return I hereby undertake to attend your victory parade clad only in the Union Jack and post photographic evidence on this public forum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do realise they sell tickets to matches and you can go the game - were there will be ample sun. - Bill

8:07 PM  

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