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Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I Have Learned Recently

New York, New York is a wonderful town.

There are few things more entertaining than sweeping dramatically into a room full of your friends and uttering the following words: "I have taken a lover."

When summer actually arrives in London, the days are so delightful that you don’t even mind the hayfever.

No matter how fascinating you are finding that Feynman biography, it is possible to bore people to actual tears if you talk about it too much.

Buying AstroTurf on eBay is really fun. Receiving said AstroTurf and laying it out in sheets all over your living room is even more fun, though it does make sitting on the couch a more itchy experience than usual.

Drinking with colleagues is fraught with the danger of extreme mortification; unless you get lucky and the person in question remembers even less of the evening than you do.

Sometimes wonderful things happen to truly deserving, lovely people.

It is possible to be so tired when you come home from work that you give serious consideration to having a big spoonful of cream cheese for dinner.