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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Living Very Well

Far out, you guys. I have no idea what has become of me. The last few weeks have been unbelievably fun, and I'm exhausted.

I can offer no reasonable explanation for why I have been so lax in posting – there has been plenty to tell you about. The stories will come, but for now here is a list of Things That Have Happened Since My Last Post. Since early September I ….

Laughed my arse off at a comedy gig at The Backyard.

Went to Cardiff to join my brothers at the Australia v Wales pool match of the rugby World Cup, and after the game cavorted madly in the streets with friendly Welsh people.

Have had visits from lovely people, including Lady Lindy, Ms Sarina, B1, the ever-fabulous Mitchell, my brothers and my GRANDPARENTS, which was awesome. I received confirmation that my grandparents DO read my blog, which was hilarious because every time I tried to tell them a story they already knew the ending. Once again, very sorry for the language, you guys. (PS. TPC? They read yours too).

Caught up with a long-lost high-school friend, who, it turns out, lives about 200m away from the Pickle. Thank you, Facebook.

Got utterly broken at Dr Evil's 30th spectacular birthday party.

Attended a job interview the morning after said party concluded.

GOT A NEW JOB (hooray!)

Had my mind blown away by a remarkable play (at the end of which I cried like a little bitch).

Signed a contract to stay at the Pickle for another year.

Played pirates for a week on a sailboat in Croatia with nine fabulous people.

Squealed like an utter girl at the news about Nat and Greenie (CONGRATULATIONS again, you guys! Best middle of the night phone call ever.)

Got my overseas electoral enrolment sorted JUST IN TIME.

Had an unspeakably awesome night out at Ronnie Scott's.

Welcomed my littlest brother back to the Pickle after his Big European Odyssey, so that he could sit on the couch and complain about London for a fortnight before heading home.

Celebrated Rip van Winkle's birthday in fine style.

Worked my butt off closing all my files and saying fond (and not-so-fond) farewells at Previous Job.

Suited up and put on my best Eager Girl face for my first day at my Shiny New Job.


Vowed to get some rest. Soon.

I'm freaking exhausted. I’m two days into the Shiny New Job, and while it seems very promising, the fact that I’m still recovering from six weeks of way-too-good living means I’m not really giving them my best just yet. Much like this post, really.

I am very, very sorry to all those of you who have been kind enough to write me emails and Facebook messages – I promise I’ll write to you very soon. It's a madhouse, my life, and my brain is made of cheese. I hope you are very well. Talk to you soon.