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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I had a hot, strong flat white at Melbourne airport this morning. Flame Trees was playing in the café and I couldn’t stop myself from singing along as I waited for my flight.

Then we took off and I scribbled away happily as I sat and watched the muted olive, grey and brown patchwork of the landscape stretch out below me, with the clouds shining in the bright sun.

It’s really good to be home.

My four days in Melbourne were utterly wonderful. I love that town. The weather was wonderful – breezy and sunny and hot. The coffees were uniformly excellent.

I watched the sun go down on the balcony at the Espy, with jugs of cold beer. I ate a perfect steak, organic salads, gluten-free cakes and the ubiquitous chicken parma. I shopped all over town and bought three pairs of fabulous shoes. I spent long, lazy hours in the company of my favourite people in the world.

Yesterday, I drank champagne on the banks of the Yarra with Nat and Greenie, and we all marvelled at how good it felt to be in Melbourne, having come from so far away. There’s something that feels a little dangerous about that town – it is so good that it makes me question my desire to be elsewhere in a way that no other city can. I know I could be happy there.

This afternoon I’m sitting with my brothers on their balcony in the sun, looking over the Story Bridge, catching up on our lives and hurting from the laughing.

This is my 100th post on this blog.

It’s my 30th birthday.

I’m having an excellent time.


Blogger Jackie said...

Reading this makes me happy. Happy birthday jLo. It's so good to have you in the world.

6:54 AM  

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